Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Joy #atozchallenge

“Weddings were for girls, the stuff of dreams and fairy tales. He just wanted to marry Cassy, so the details of the wedding did not concern him. If she was happy, he would be happy, and the planning stages brought her an unbridled joy which would only be matched by the occasion itself. Even the cost was not his concern as Cassy’s parents insisted on paying for everything. Their eldest daughter was getting married and they wanted it to be fantastic. They wanted to give Cassy whatever she desired and damn the expense which was fine with Angus.
The venue was Holy Trinity Garrison Church in Millers Point. Designed by Henry Ginn, and built in 1840 by Edward Flood, Garrison Church held its first wedding ceremony in 1843.

Cassy looked like a goddess in a silk wedding gown…”

Lovesick chapter 21

No two life events epitomize hope and pure joy more than a wedding and the birth of a healthy child. Most people dream of the moment they marry the love of their life and the enormity of making a lifelong commitment usually takes a backseat to the absolute thrill of the occasion, and the prospect of the wonderful adventure which lays ahead.

The wedding itself is a moment which seems to take forever to arrive, then passes too quickly. The promise of decades of joyful togetherness shines brighter than the sun. At my wedding, I was so happy, I forgot to enjoy myself, and although I remember the event only as a blurry instant, I have never forgotten the joy.

To those of you are approaching this momentous occasion, I wish you health and happiness, and to those who are married, I hope that joy still characterizes your union as it did on that brilliant day when you said, ‘I do.’

Share your wonderful wedding stories. 


  1. Oh, yes! Both my husband and I felt this way. My husband likened our wedding to being in a batting cage with one ball after another coming at you. An apt image, I thought. I was thirty-four when I married, and so excited about the wedding that I had a hard time really relaxing on the day. We both say that if we could go back and do it over again, we would have stayed longer to party with all the folks that showed up.

  2. Exactly. I'm sure many couples feel the same way. There's always the wedding video and photos to look back on, and I think if you married the right person, many, many highlights follow the wedding. I did not even get to sit down at my wedding.

  3. I'm not married, but these are very nice words. Thanks for visiting me during the A-Z Challenge :).