Saturday, April 16, 2016

Obsession #atozchallenge

"I have never been so fascinated by a wall, and yet it is not the wall as such which seduces my interest. It is blank and on it I project images of Chao-xing. I’m completely useless now, caught as I am in possibly the greatest obsession of my life. I have been sitting at my desk for twenty minutes and I haven’t done a thing other than switch on my computer and stare at the wall. A benevolent paralysis grips me, retarding my enthusiasm for everything that is not her. I can’t shake it and worse than that, I have no desire to escape the clutches of this mad fervent desire. Although it is lusty and desperate, I now know that I have fallen in love with her.
Unwise. Foolish. Idiotic. Insane. I am all of these and yet I don’t care. In fact, in this twisted state of mind, I would proudly wear such labels regardless of the disapprobation of others. Do I now care so much for Chao-xing that I care nothing at all for anything else? Falling in love was a choice, an inevitable consequence of my pursuit of this exotic and enigmatic woman, but it has rendered me numb for the duration of every moment without her."

-Lovesick chapter 26

In his mid teens, my son James was obsessed with Metallica. My daughter is currently obsessed with Zayn. My stepson has recently recovered from a Transformers obsession. My fiance is deep in a Facebook obsession/addiction. I,on the other hand, am not currently infatuated with anyone or anything. (heavy emphasis on currently)

Tending to be fads which wax and wane in popularity as they float on the fickle tide of human interest, most obsessions are generally harmless, even amusing. These short term infatuations are quite natural and should be seen as a normal part of human behaviour. However, there is a definite point at which these ordinary, albeit excessive interests, become dark and dangerous.

In Lovesick, Angus develops a very unhealthy obsession with Chao-xing. Observe the signs and be wary of obsession rearing its ugly head in your life. When you see it, make a better choice than Angus did, and kill it; before it kills you.

What have you been obsessed with over the years? What are you obsessed with now?


  1. I was obsessed with watches a few years back. After getting so many and not wearing all of them, I decided to sell a couple of them. Nowadays, I am obsessed with writing supplies like pens and notebooks.

    1. So you still have a healthy collection of watches? Writing supplies? Fair enough. Good obsession for a writer/blogger. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.