Thursday, April 14, 2016

Men #atozchallenge

"I, like every other woman I know, have feigned girlish excitement over bare chested men with oiled and rippling muscles- especially firemen. I’ve glanced lower and wondered about the size of their penises, but it’s never serious. I don’t think penises are very attractive. Actually they are quite ugly and at times frightening. I liked Angus’ penis because it was his and he shared it with me. Only me, or so I thought anyway. I loved how it stiffened at my touch, and glowed as I masturbated him…"

Lovesick chapter 38

The fascination many women seem to have with shirtless fireman amuses me greatly. I’ve seen the calendars filled with male models, semi clad in firefighter’s uniforms with their gym engineered six packs. I’ve heard the giggling and the saucy comments. Cowboys are apparently popular as well, although I think this is more for other men since Brokeback Mountain. 

Most women probably think it’s equally amusing to see men reacting to female models, or just female bodies. I’ve often thought that men enjoy the visual appeal of women, more than the other way around, but I don’t know. It’s true that men are more visual, or more easily stimulated by what they see when it comes to sexuality, generally speaking, and it’s also probably true that many, if not most men, don’t stop at mere appreciation of beauty. They have connected thoughts. Do women do the same?

If you have ever uttered the phrase ‘he can put his slippers under my bed’, did you mean it? Were you really saying that you would sleep with a man just because he’s good looking? I hear men say things like that about women all the time, albeit more crudely. 

I’m just curious about the distance between our words and our thoughts, and between our thoughts and our actions. Perhaps you could shed some light on the topic.


  1. I have been a sucker for hot men in my life (but usually not the traditional, muscle-laden types). I did have (and still sort of do) a thing for hot vampires. That has been rekindled by watching reruns of the British series, Being Human. But I also learned that good looking does not make them a worthwhile person.

    I liked this post. I have lots of opinions about this. :)

  2. I've never seen Being Human although I've seen trailers for it.. Looks good. I might check it out. Hot vampires? Does Edward Cullen qualify? Lots of opinions? Do tell Megan.