Saturday, April 2, 2016

Betrayal #atozchallenge

“I have been wronged. I am distraught, destroyed by Angus’ act of betrayal. I know that I am not without fault. I know that, but the punishment does not seem to fit the crime…I feel alone despite the proximity of women who have suffered and are suffering as I am. My pain is my own. I cannot alleviate the torture by disseminating its effects to others, by sharing. The words I utter are greeted by sympathetic nods, coos and shakes of lowered heads housing eyes which widen and contract as required…

When I explain that I swing wildly between contrasting moods, now numb and depressed, then angry and wrathful, the women moan their sympathetic understanding. I hear their words too, but they sound like a blur of soft sound waves which roll upon the shore of my mind without impact. My once pristine beach is now littered with seaweed, blue bottles and cigarette butts. I see it needs to be cleaned, washed by the benevolent ocean but the tide is out and not coming in.”

Lovesick chapter 30

There have been a number of famous betrayals in history; Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Brutus literally stabbed his best friend, Julius Caesar, in the back. Benedict Arnold has become a byword for treason. 
How many more personal betrayals, breaches of trust in friendship, in families, in marriage? Who could count them? Who has not been wounded by disloyalty? How could the pain of these treacheries and infidelities be measured?

What do you do when the person who has betrayed you is not sorry? What do you do when a person you trusted, stabs you in the back? Trust can be rebuilt, if both parties are willing, but it is extremely difficult to overcome the nagging feeling that one unfaithful act may be accompanied by or followed by others. Many relationships have ended because of betrayal, and many more will. Sad, but true.

When have you been betrayed, and by whom? Were you able to rebuild trust?


  1. Betrayal is so wounding to the psyche - letting someone get near who hurts you in such a way is terrible. I've had a couple of times in life when I've realised someone has been lying to me but they haven't been that close to me so I don't actually think I've ever been betrayed thank goodness. As for those who lied, I ensured that I kept them at a safe distance or left their circle as soon as I was able!
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  2. After time it gets harder to let people into your circle. Every lie, every betrayal can erode your confidence in people. On we go, I guess. That's life. Thanks for taking the time to comment.