Monday, April 11, 2016

Idolatry #atozchallenge

"I decide to cut to the chase. ‘I’ve been thinking about marriage, and what went wrong with mine and how I contributed to it, and about your marriage. You and dad.’ I don’t know whether she missed the bit about what I may have done to wreck my marriage, or if she heard it and agrees, or does not want to disagree. For a moment, I’m disappointed she hasn’t rushed to defend me, but I know she’s too honest for that. She’s probably been thinking for some time that I need to take responsibility for whatever role I played in the tragedy. Mum’s very honest, but also non-confrontational. If you push her she’ll give it to you straight, but she won’t offer it. It is now time to push.

‘Did dad ever cheat on you?’


That’s what I’ve always believed, so I’m not surprised to hear her state it so simply and emphatically.

‘Did you ever suspect he was?’

Mum’s pause shouts a thousand words.

I hold my breath."

Lovesick chapter 48

Everybody puts certain people in their lives on pedestals. We all have heroes and idols, and for many of us who have, and have pretty much always had good relationships with our parents, either or both of them may be the object of our worship. Later when we fall in love with Mr or Miss Right, they have to measure up to the lofty standards our parents set for us, and if they do, then they take that sacred seat.

We have sporting heroes, movie and pop star heroes, and other people we know and admire: those who inspire us to become better people. It is a very natural thing for us to worship others. We are created for such devotion.

Problems arise however when the people we look up to, let us down. Those who sit so high in our esteem, are always at risk of falling, and they have a long way to fall. If we build our lives on the foundations of the infallibility of our idols, we set ourselves up for great disappointment.

There is a very good reason why the first commandment forbids the worship of other people or things, besides God.

Have you ever lost faith in someone you idolised?


  1. Yes, I have definitely lost faith in people I looked up to or "idolized." I think that is the whole point about NOT idolizing people because they will always disappoint.

  2. Exactly right Megan. Be inspired by people by all means but let's not put them on pedestals, eh? Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.