Sunday, April 3, 2016

Confession #atozchallenge

"Cassy remained motionless, her lips barely moving. Angus thought it best to leave her to sleep, but he answered her question. She replied that she was cold. Angus grabbed another blanket for her and gently draped it over the pre-existing mountain. He leant close to kiss her and was suddenly choked by emotion. Lingering with his lips on her forehead, he surrendered to the surge of tears. Leaving immediately might have saved him, but he stayed, and Cassy was roused from her half slumber by his obvious distress.

‘What’s wrong?’

A simple question became a watershed moment in his life. Angus could deny and escape or he could tell her. Tell her what though? Confess? Was he going to confess? How?

More alert now and sensing the seriousness of the moment, Cassy opened her eyes and again asked him why he was crying. Pressure mounted in his head. Words drowned in tears.


‘I have something to tell you.’"

chapter 29, Lovesick

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It is often said that honesty is the best policy, yet everyone knows there are times when this is not true. Times when the truth may do more harm than good. We all lie. Sometimes we choose to lie, sometimes because we feel we have to lie, other times because we want to. The lie may be to protect someone. It may be easier. It may be an automatic reaction if we are worried about the consequences of telling the truth.

Keeping secrets is a form of lying. It is deception, and yet we all have secrets. Not every person we know, knows everything about us, nor do we know all there is to know about them. Such knowledge may be undesirable anyway. Lies may be necessary to guard secrets. Lies may need to be told to support other lies.

Dishonesty is a heavy load to bear, and sometimes people chose to confess rather than be found out. They say confession is good for the soul. Would it have been worse for Cassy to learn Angus' secret from someone else? Could Angus have continued indefinitely with his deception? The confession may have been a shock, but it was necessary...or was it?

When have you confessed a lie or a secret? How long did you hold on to it? How was it received? How did you feel after confessing?

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