Saturday, April 16, 2016

Nice #atozchallenge

"The cigarette is very nice, soothing. The ease with which I have fallen back into addiction is unsurprising and does not bother me. Something about the action of inhaling, feeling the burn at the back of the throat and the constriction in my chest, followed by the leisurely exhale of smoke causes a very pleasant, if momentary delirium."   - Chapter 34

"Perhaps she doesn’t want me to quit, otherwise why keep seeing me? She could simply say no. Is she just being nice? Is she playing with me? Is she using me to assuage her loneliness or to amuse herself? These are all possibilities which I must consider, but ultimately what difference does it make? If she doesn’t answer my questions, and I am learning fast how unwilling women are to answer ‘why’ questions, I am left to speculate and be fascinated by the riddle."
Chapter 26

"He might have suspected sabotage, but as he and Joanne had shared, according to Belinda, some non-professional interactions in the workplace, he would have been left with the helpless feeling of not being able to explain where those files had been. The immediate relief of finding them would have been very quickly replaced by the agony of ignorance.
‘Aren’t you pleased Cassy?’ asked Belinda."
‘It was a nice trick.’
Emma smiled wryly and glanced purposefully at the other members of the coven. ‘You feel sorry for him, don’t you?’
‘No,’ snapped Cassy."
Chapter 35

"‘I guess I could come over after work on Tuesday.’
There’s little enthusiasm in Angus’ voice and I know he’s inwardly cursing me, but he’s a nice guy and he doesn’t want to make trouble. I realize I’ve overlooked this weakness of his, and brushed it over with complimentary epithets. Angus is a yes man. He is afraid of confrontation. Always worried about disappointing people, so he says yes all the time, and apologizes profusely even when contrition is not only unnecessary, but actually inappropriate.
‘Thank you for making time for me.’
I’m baiting him now, and why not?"

Chapter 36

I use the adjective nice sixty times in Lovesick. It may well be an overused and bland word for which there exists a plethora of synonyms, but it's still a pretty nice adjective.