Monday, April 17, 2017

O is for Oblivion Denied

The Crown Princess of Denmark is an Aussie. She was born in Tasmania. Why am I telling you this? Oblivion Denied is a Danish band and I am an Australian. My gut tells me that the Crown Princess is not a fan of heavy metal, but you never know. I mean if she listened to these guys she might just convert to headbanging. Stranger things have happened.

This duo, yes duo, (Thomas Wagner and Eske Meldgaard Krogh) hail from the city of Stautrup, and offer metal in the groove genre.

Ridin' High is the second single from their upcoming sophomore release titled Lack of Faith.

Both my children attended Dapto High School which held an annual talent show called MADD night. It was at one of these shows where I first heard Four Words to Choke Upon by Bullet for my Valentine. The impressive amateur performance was enough to turn me on to this Welsh pop metal band.


  1. Haven't heard this band. I will check it out. There are plenty of good black and death metal bands from the Nordic countries, but for some reason I have never dug into Danish metal. For me Danish music is Kim Larsen and Gasolin, who I used to listen to in my teens >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. There you are CA. I thought I might have heard more from you during this headbanging journey around the world. I was pretty ignorant about the world metal scene before researching for the this A to Z theme.