Friday, April 14, 2017

L is for Lefutray

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Lefutray were formed in 2005, and they play groove and thrash metal. The band's name is a word taken from the Mapudungan language meaning 'fast sound'. Totally appropriate, right? In case you're interested as I was, Mapudungan is the language of the Mapuche people of south western Chile and central western Argentina.

This track is called Screaming in Silence and it's from their 2011 release Last Breath. Their latest album is called Oath (2015)

On the 31st of March, 1989, I saw Stryper play at the Sydney Sports Arena. Stryper raised the bar for Christian metal, and not without some controversy. They attracted plenty of criticism from Christian fundamentalists for their music, but particularly for their habit of throwing Bibles into the audience at their shows. Despite the furor of the small-minded, Stryper gained respect in mainstream metal circles and reached a lot of people with a very positive message. As one metal loving atheist said: "I generally hate everything Christian, but this song kicks f#$%^ ass." He was referring to the 1984 classic Soldiers Under Command.

The 1989 show was great by the way, and the boys in yellow and black are still rocking the world with their message of faith, hope and love.


  1. Stryper are certainly very different from the guitar strumming folksy bands and warbling nuns normally associated with religion. Catch!

    Another day in Amble Bay!

    1. I've always been partial to a warbling nun...not. Speaking of folk music, it was probably the great Larry Norman who changed it up for the Christian music scene when he wrote the classic song "Why Should the Devil have all the good music?" Personally, I think music itself, in whatever genre is a reflection of the Divine. Some lyrics clearly though, are not.

  2. Wow, who knew there were such things as Christian metal bands? Not me, but I'm enlightened now. Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Easter Lexa. I'm surprised you hadn't heard of Christian metal. Actually there are heaps of what would have been traditionally called 'gospel' artists writing and performing music in every genre you can imagine. Music is music. The point of difference is lyrical. Lifestyle of artists? Well, the church has as many sinners as you find anywhere else.