Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Q is for Qantice

This is how this French band describes itself, and seriously, I would not dare add or subtract a word. 

"More than a progressive/power/symphonic metal band. Qantice is a universe where the epics of a sci-fi saga spread over a story and music, mixing ancient and modern instruments, fantasy atmospheres, and jaw dropping virtuosity, with no limit but the wildest imagination."

Way to talk yourselves up fellas. I don't really like progressive metal, or symphonic metal, nor is power metal my favourite genre, so it goes without saying that Qantice is not really my cup of tea.

This Parisian band may have been formed in 2002, or as late as 2009, depending on your source. The current regular members are Tony Beaufils, David Akesson, Yosh Ortias (violin), Aurelien Jouela, and Christine Lanusse.

It seems they hire singers on an album by album, tour by tour basis. Pellek is the vocalist on this track which is called Hoverland


  1. You had me at 'symphonic metal' - a favourite of mine. ☺ Unfortunately, your link doesn't work but I went searching and found one:
    This band is good! Here's another one I liked:
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  2. I was travelling without access to the internet, so this post and a few others were 'scheduled' posts. I was concerned about the links. although I don;t understand why some of them worked, but some didn't.