Thursday, April 6, 2017

F is for Flesh Juicer

Really? Flesh Juicer? This is one of the worst names in the list, but entirely appropriate for a deathcore band. They all have horrible sounding names. Anyway, Flesh Juicer is from Taiwan (shout out to all my Taiwanese ESL students.)

Although I really don't like deathcore, this video clip is pretty cool: Funeral  is off their 2017 sophomore album Flesh Temple: Build it on Brutal Taichung. 

Information on this band is pretty scarce, but I can tell you they won Best Rock Debut Album (2015) at the Taiwanese equivalent of the Grammy's, so I expect metal heads will hear plenty more from these guys who, apart from frontman Gigo Pro (he of the pig mask), remain nameless because I can't find out who they are.


  1. I wonder why someone would want to have such gory names for their band. Thanks for the info though. :)


    1. Deathcore metal or its cousin goregrind mostly sing about death and violence so they choose names which reflect that. Flesh Juicer don't 'sing' in English so I don;t know what they're saying which is probably a good thing. For me I an just enjoy the music and I like the video clip too. Hey, thanks for visiting Square Pegs and fro taking the time to comment.

  2. I know right? I almost by-passed them because of it, but I was drawn to them by some morbid fascination I suppose, and I like I's a cool video imo.

  3. I had friends in school who wanted to name their death metal band Bestial Devastation. They never learned to play instruments so the name is still available I think.