Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh no Kobo

The discussion about electronic books versus paper will go on, and on but the e-book is here to stay and many people now exclusively read digital versions. I read both, but last night I was reminded of one clear advantage that a paper book has over an e-book.

Comfortable in bed, I reached for my Kobo to continue reading the engaging, Debris by Jo Anderton. Opening the cover with keen anticipation, looking forward to finding out how Tanyana adjusts to the new life forced upon her, and how well she is received, or not, into her group of debris collectors - please recharge your reader - boooooo! I couldn't be bothered getting up and finding the cable and plugging it in, so I read something else. That is no reflection at all on Debris which is good book.

Have you ever lost power at a critical time? (Take the question any way you like.)

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