Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Under exposure

When Ashmore Grief was released, my publisher organised a giveaway on Goodreads. Three copies were given to randomly selected people who marked it 'to read'. Just over 300 people entered the giveaway.

Fast forward one year and only four of those people have actually read it, and only two have reviewed it. So, inspired by an interview I read with Lee Childs, I decided to reach out to these people and try to encourage them to read Ashmore Grief.

My method is to send a friend request with an offer of a free digital copy in exchange for a review. (If you haven't read it, I now make the same offer to you. If you have, could could please write a short review.)

Thus far, and it takes time because Goodreads limits the number of friend requests you can send in a day, I have sent 200 requests. I started about six weeks ago. I have received 7 acceptances, and one lady has already posted her review Ashmore Grief reader reviews

This experiment clearly demonstrates once again the need for greater exposure. Less than 5% of the people to whom I offered a free copy have accepted. 5% of 2000 is a lot more people than 5% of 200, and 5% of 20000 is many more again. You see my point.

I'm still trying to break through and reach significantly greater numbers of people. I am under exposed. Writers...has any method proved particularly successful for you?

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