Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Blow

I entered a flash fiction story in a competition recently. Yesterday I was informed that it had not been short listed which was fine. No different from the countless other rejections I have received over the years. However, they offered detailed feedback on the story, which was very good of them.

There were a lot of positive comments, but  because of my state of mind when I was reading the feedback, I zeroed in on the negatives and I felt quite cut by them. It actually made me feeling like giving up...just for a moment. Clearly, my irrational reaction, almost over reaction says a lot about where I am at these days. I want to return to those days, or some other day because these days suck.


  1. Everyone has rotten days, and even rotten periods in their lives David. Try to focus on the positives that you have, and it WILL eventually get better, I know it.

  2. Thanks Delia. You are a real Barnabas.

  3. Totally agree with Delia. She is a very wise woman and will tell you straight, as you well know, lol. I have had many rotten days in my life but seeing the positive in events and people always picks me up. Don't monopolise your life with your negative thoughts (or others negative thoughts of you) and focus on positives of others in your life. Family and friends. You are blessed David....focus on those blessings and be less selfish in your thoughts. You will soon feel wonderful again.