Monday, September 15, 2014

The Power of Words

I've been reading Churchill: The Power of Words which is full of wonderful and profound insights into human nature. This morning I quote from the book. Here, in a speech in March 1949 he reflects on the changes he had seen in his lifetime.

'Science bestowed immense new powers on man, and at the same time, created conditions which were largely beyond his comprehension and still more beyond his control. While he nursed the illusion of growing mastery and exulted in his new trappings, he became the sport and presently the victim of tides, currents, of whirlpools and tornadoes amid which he was far more helpless than he had been for a long time.

...this vast expansion was unhappily not accompanied by any noticeable advance in the stature of man, either in his mental faculties, or his moral character.'

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