Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Big Brother

Big Brother Australia 2014 has started, and I'm a fan. I know reality TV is frowned on and looked down upon, as are those who watch it but I can't see the point of such condescension and snobbery. It reminds me of the kind of ignorance typified by one woman who said that she liked all kinds of music: as long as it had a beat and a melody, but not heavy metal. (There's actually two ways to take that statement - make of it what you will.)

This year on Big Brother the contestants are playing as pairs. They have to make joint decisions. If one of them breaks a rule, they both get punished. They nominate together, and can be nominated and evicted together.

Two of the ladies were offered $10 000 each. The condition was that if they accepted the money, there would no food in the house for anyone, for one week, except for meal replacement shakes. They also had to inform their house mates about what they had done. Now I reckon most viewers were hoping they took they cash, but not because we admire selfishness. Part of us might have hoped they would do the 'right thing', but the other part of us hoped they wouldn't because if they took the money, it would make things much more interesting in the house.

This speaks volumes about human nature, and is the reason why I like Big Brother, (reality TV show style, not George Orwell style) Big Brother messes with the house mates heads for our entertainment, and I am not ashamed to admit that I like it.

Does anyone else like Big Brother? Any haters out there? Any comments? I welcome you all.


  1. I use to get very involved in it years ago but only just saw it was on this arvo. You do get to see the real side of people come out as the weeks go by and favourites do emerge. They are in an unusual environment that will bring out behaviour they never knew they had themselves. I usually can pick the finalists which is probably determined by the producers and not the viewers.

    1. Oh so cynical Cheryle. I look forward to further discussing BBAU2014 with you.

  2. For the last two weeks I have been unable to watch my guilty pleasure reality show. I don't know if you get it in Australia (Bachelor in Paradise) but it is so bad it is good. LOL. Horrible. And I love it. I have never gotten into Big Brother here in the US where it requires more consecutive nights in front of the television. I'm in rehearsals again right now. so my nights are taken up with Shakespeare. What can I tell you? Shakespeare or Bachelor in Paradise? I know what I should be enjoying more! :-)

  3. Good on you Julie. We get The Bachelor here. It's not one I watch but I appreciate the entertainment value. To be or not to be...whether it is nobler in the mind to watch The Bachelor... Which of the Great Bard's plays are you doing?

  4. I only ever watched one episode of BB ages ago, I must admit I didn't like it much, but they say it takes all kinds to make a world.