Monday, August 1, 2016

The Alice part 5

To my multitude of followers, I must apologize for the long gap between part 4 and this installment of the sublime recount of my recent holiday. 12 days have already passed since I returned from Alice Springs, and the reason for the delayed release of the The Alice series has been my preparations for a more long term move back to the Northern Territory. I leave for Darwin on Friday- more about that later.

For now it's back to Alice...Alice? Who the @#$% is Alice? (That's a shout out to my fellow Rock tourists and in particular to the guru of guides; Matt.)

Day 3 began after even less sleep than I got at the conclusion of day 1, but I was alive and loving it. We returned to the Uluru viewing area in the dark, then had breakfast while watching the sunrise. With breakfast sorted, we traveled back to Uluru to walk around the base.

This was a very leisurely walk during which we marveled at the various holes and shapes which dot the rusty exterior of this most renowned of monoliths. Matt gave us an hour or so to get around Uluru and back to him at the bus. As usual we were unable to move any more quickly than our wonder would allow. We rolled into the car park like brown cows and partook of the oranges and fruitcake while we shared reflections on our visit to Uluru.

A long drive back to the roadhouse followed, but not before a quick pit stop at the Mt Connor, (aka Fooluru) lookout. We lunched on left overs at the roadhouse, then proceeded to a camel riding place where for $7 I had the dubious pleasure of having my equipment bounced uncontrollably against the saddle on the camel's back as it trotted down the home stretch of the circuit. That was fun.

Our time together was drawing to a close. Three friends left us at the airport, and back in Alice I was dropped off at the Doubletree Hilton. My American friends were also staying there, but they planned to go out to the Rock bar for the official farewell. I declined due to tiredness, otherwise known in some circles as 'old man-ness', and had a quiet night in my room. 

My plan for the morrow was to rise and walk up to ANZAC Hill to watch the sunrise.

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