Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Unbelievable

U is for Unbelievable

“Thuza laughed.

‘I have been here for three months but I’m leaving soon. Would you like to come with me? Then stay strong, Little One. Stay strong.’

It might have been madness but it sounded so rational: not at all like a foolish fantasy but more like a plan. It seemed that Malee had a way out of the detention centre, or if not, she had at least done an impressive job of deceiving herself that such a thing could happen.

‘How are you going to get out? This is a prison. They won’t let you leave. Don’t be foolish!’

‘You are ignorant, Little One, and trying my patience. You’ve been here for one night and you are telling me the ways things are. You don’t know anything. Get up now. Let’s go and get something to eat.’

Thuza rolled over to face Malee. ‘I’m not hungry.’”

from chapter 7, Ashmore Grief

A friend of mine is overly fond of the adjective ‘unbelievable’ and so I want to dedicate this post to her. When I hear the word, or think of it, I think of her. Certain words or phrases are like that: they get stuck in your mind and are inextricably linked with a person. Either because of the peculiarity of the word itself, or their over use of it, the word and the person become one.

Blogging is a self indulgent past time for me, and a means to an end. To some extent writing is purely cathartic, but I also want readers, and so my blog is a self promotional vehicle for me to drive along the highway to fame. I have something to say, and I want as many people as possible to hear me. I want my name to be linked to words like classic and entertainment, and to phrases like thought provoking. I want my name indelibly associated with quality literature. I want a multitude of readers not only of my hasty, passionate and often somewhat gloomy articles but my stories, my novels. Having that desire does not make me unique, and yet I am.

It is unbelievable to me that I have chosen such a path. It amazes me that I have achieved as much as I have. I once dreamed of what I have now accomplished. With over thirty short stories published and three novels, I yearn for more. The unbelievable can become the undeniable, and I will never cease trying to prove it.

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  1. Love this bit of your story! Great choice for U too!

    I love how some words make us instantly think of someone! When I met my husband many many years ago the saying "I heard that" was popular when you agreed with someone. I still hear it from time to time and it always makes me think of him.

  2. It's something that many of us strive for. I'm glad to see you've achieved it.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  3. That's a great post! Yes, keep striving to make the unbelievable a reality. I'm so impressed that you have a multitude of published works. I hope I get there someday!

  4. You beat me to the post with "unbelievable". Well done. Great minds think alike. ;) Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Success has indeed come to you :) Your friend's use of unbelievable reminded me of 'inconceivable' in The Princess Bride. I still hear the actor's voice in my head and smile. Words do that sometimes.

    1. Everyone must love that film. I can hear his voice too. Ha ha.

  6. I love your honest assessment of what you want out of your writings! I hope I am able to encourage and promote you to the best of my abilities!

  7. One suggestion: please do put social media sharing buttons (like from Shareaholic or AddThis) at the end of each post (it's easy if you follow their step-by-step instructions)! That will help in the promotion bit!