Friday, July 7, 2017

Celebrate the small things: a forest of daleks

I woke up feeling angry this morning, and it wasn't because it was Saturday and I didn't have to go to work -I like my job a lot- but it may have had something to do with the dream from which I awoke.

In a small and crowded backpacker hostel, I was telling everyone, during breakfast, about my cystectomy. The reactions of my extremely proximate house mates ranged from indifference to mild interest. Oh no not again.*

So I had some breakfast and decided to go for a walk, a long walk. I had planned to go to the gym, but I had a fairly heavy workout yesterday after work, and suspected the HiFit class I was planning on joining might kill me.

After 45 minutes I was still feeling agitated despite the perfect Dry Season weather and my favourite tunes filling my ears courtesy of one of my best friends: my iPod shuffle. I entered George Brown Botanic Gardens and was moderately intrigued by the African garden, walked through the Monsoon rainforest, and then I saw this.

I took some photos while reciting the words 'exterminate, exterminate' in my head, and proceeded up a hill because there was one available. (Darwin is generally very flat.) Half way up the hill I realized I wasn't angry anymore. The Dalek trees and the exertion of a brisk hill climb had blown the bad vibes away.

This week was the last student free one as the new term starts on Monday. I've had a very productive term break and I'm looking forward to actually teaching again, as opposed to preparing to teach. As usual I have much for which to be thankful, but particularly today, I'm celebrating Darwin's awesome weather, Dalek trees, hills, iPod shuffles and my job.

What do you do with your anger?

* One of the things I've learned about myself over the last few years is that I am overly interested in the opinions/reactions of others- which is incidentally why I should stay off social media. I can be a little childish in wanting attention. When I started writing about the dream, I was struck by the obvious manifestation of this truth in my dream.


  1. Now THAT was a dream...LOL! I am fortunate that my anger, at my current stage in life, is pretty mild. VERY fortunate!

    PS. Need a valid email address to send you the PDF of my middle grade reader book for review. I tried one but never heard back. Thanks for the offer!

  2. Were you a firebrand in your youth? It is said that most people mellow with age. My anger would not be recognized as such by people who do not know me. I have learned some self control since my hormone-fueled adolescence, and honestly, it takes a lot to make me angry these days.
    Re 7 Days of Seven, I received it. I though I replied to your email. I apologize. I have read 4 of the 7 tales and am loving them. Owen's story especially moved me. When he made tea for his mum, after he returned from his adventure, and talked to her about he felt, I had a lump in my throat. All I really require from any fiction I read is emotional connection, and for making me feel something, I applaud you. Rest assured when I finish reading, I will write a glowing review which may hopefully contribute to you reaching more people.

  3. What an interesting and deep dream! Just being in such a lovely forest would already dissipate my anger. . .not that I get angry easily. Enjoy your week!

  4. I have had a number o such dreams over the years, and I believe that God speaks or me through them. The most significant I think was when I dreamed I was trying to open the front gate of my home by pulling it upwards instead of just unlatching it and pulling it open. I was extremely frustrating. I received the interpretation of the dream as I was recounting it to a friend. God was telling me I was dong something wrong and was consequently frustrating myself unnecessarily.
    There's definitely something spiritual about being in a forest or on a beach or mountain. Peace. You have a great week too.