Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Y is for Yeasty

My thanks for the inspiration for this post go to phrontistery. I now know a new word. Actually, I may have heard it before, but I would have assumed it had to do with yeast, as in add a 'y' to make an adjective saying that something has a lot of yeast. Yawn. I'm bored already.

A definition of yeasty: characterised by upheaval; restless and turbulent. Phrontistery says it means full of restless energy or creativity. So here's the rub. I am full of restless energy and creativity, and my life over the past year in particular has been characterised by upheaval.

I've wondered why God has made me such a creative person if he had no intention of providing me sufficient outlets for that creativity. The answer is that he wouldn't, and he didn't. Not provide me adequate channels to express my innovative thoughts, I mean.

This is why I get so frustrated and bored with mundane tasks. My job is replete with inordinate paperwork demands which demand nothing of me other than my attention. Life itself requires much ado about nothing which likewise consumes my time and energy while stifling opportunities for inventiveness.

Why, oh why, I cry, can I not have more time to write stories which is my real passion? Poor thing. Yawn. Still bored? Me too. It's over now. 

Is yeasty a word which you could apply to yourself?

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  1. I didn't know about that meaning of the word yeasty.

    But I do know about the burden of useless paperwork, and how it steals creative time. I'm a scientist, and what I want to do is science. Unfortunately there are too many administrative tasks that take too much time.

    Cold As Heaven

  2. It is the bane of all our working lives. However, if it must be done, it must be done.