Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Silliness of Soulmates

Are you looking for Mr Right or Mrs. Right? Maybe you have had the good fortune to already have met them, and you are deliriously happy together. You've found your perfect match. The only one for you. Your soul mate.

I wonder how many soul mates have divorced over the years. How many have fallen out of love? How many have come to see that Mr or Mrs. Right was only such for a period of time, not forever and always. I will always love you. Always? Perfect match? Come on. Get serious.

Without wishing to throw a wet blanket over the multitude of starstruck lovers floating around the world on fluffy clouds which smell like strawberries, the fact is that fairy tales are the exception not the rule. Which isn't to say that we shouldn't believe in them, or even aspire to have them. We should, but we should also be realistic enough to accept that we may never find a perfect match, and we may have to settle for, a pretty damn good match. And sometimes, relationships go sour. 

I think the idea of a soul mate is a silly juvenile concept. What do you think?

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  1. I'd say I married my soul mate, but that doesn't mean our marriage is perfect or easy or that we've ever been starstruck. Maybe we are too logical about it. But clouds that smell like strawberries sound nice :)

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    Shonna Slayton YA Writer -1940’s from A to Z

  2. I talked about it for one of my S post this year.

    People don't seem to realize relationships take work, and they're not just about the emotional highs. No relationship (romantic or platonic) is going to be perfect.

  3. Silly?...Perhaps. That initial buzz and chemistry is what draws us together in the beginning, but it's the friendship that makes a relationship last, and that takes work....sometimes impossibly hard work. At least that's how it has worked for me. I'm still married to my high school sweetheart, but we have definitely changed and aged over the years....we have grandkids now, so that gives you an idea of my age :) We sometimes laugh at an old Gary Larsen Farside cartoon.....with the couple sitting in chairs on a cloud, looking up at another cloud. One says, "Life isn't so bad on Cloud Eight."