Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saints with Parkinson's Disease

Leaving aside the fact that the transformation of mortals into patron saints who can be prayed to, that is, what the Roman Catholic church calls beatification, is not possible, I want to say something about JP II.

By most accounts, Karol Wojtyla, a.k.a. Pope John Paul II was a great man. A popular and influential leader of one of the world's major religions. A man of God, highly respected and loved, and rightly so.

His recent beatification places him one step away from being canonized. This means he will be officially recognized as a saint. The Bible says that all Christ followers are saints. The 'b' word and the 'c' word are made up words which honour certain members of the church as greater than others. Nasty. I don't like that. I wonder what God thinks of it?

Anyway, to be beatified, JP II, had to have a genuine verified miracle accredited to him. His miracle was to cure a woman of Parkinson's disease. There is no medical cure for this cruel disease, and the irony is, that not many years after healing this woman, JP II himself was killed by the same scourge.

Saints and sinners alike are born to die and then to face judgement. So it is written. So it is.

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