Friday, May 27, 2011

The Weariness of Exhaustion

Tiger Airways have a problem with their aircrew flying tired. So tired in fact, that they can't be bothered reporting their weariness to the supervisors. According to Captain Tim Berry, who is the Director of Operations for Tiger, crew who were fatigued sometimes lacked the energy even to fill out a report.

How many times have you uttered the words, "whatever", in response to some suggestion that you didn't understand or like, or to some unpleasant or unsatisfactory situation in which you found yourself? Rather than fight, we sometimes simply throw up our hands and surrender. Why? Because we are tired. We've had enough. It can get so bad that we can't even find the strength to protest. Ever heard the saying, no use complaining because no one listens anyway. Why waste breath on a pointless gripe which won't change or achieve anything? What's the point?

Many people adopt this pose as they confront life. They lay down and accept what life dishes out to them because opposition requires too much effort and promises too little compensation. Others are engaged in battle all the time. For them conflict is the reason for existence. Winston Churchill's immortal speech about fighting them on the beaches etcetera is engraved in their mind. To live is to fight.

While the warrior group may be extremists, they are closer to the truth. Life is a war and there are things worth fighting for. The trick is to figure out which battles to wage. There are some causes which should not be championed and some enemies which should not be pursued. Marked by human frailty and brokenness, we cannot fight everyone and everything, but neither should we lie down and allow life to kick us in the ribs and stomp on our heads.

Wisely choose your battles, and carefully select your allies because no one has ever won a war by themselves. And if you get worn out, make sure you tell someone. And get some rest!

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