Friday, April 29, 2011

Frog in Love

Why do people feel the need to criticize things which are good and nice? Why do we, as humans, tend so often to tear down rather than build up? Why is a negative thought always so readily available? Why can't my dog make up his mind whether he wants to be inside or outside? Why are we so intent on dying rather than living?

Perhaps you might like to answer those questions but I'm not going to because a man and a woman were married yesterday. William and Kate are in love, and on the 29th day of April in Westminster Abbey, they exchanged vows and, in the sight of God, their family and friends, and a couple of billion spectators, became husband and wife. Naturally this wedding was not an average nuptial ceremony. It cost truckloads of cash, and attracted huge amounts of attention and why shouldn't it have? A prince married the woman he loves and she has become a princess. Who doesn't love a fairytale?

The vision of the beautifully happy and totally in love young couple that I watched on my television screen last night melted my heart. As for the extravagance of the occasion, the opulence of the setting, the cost of security, and the political irrelevance of what? Hear me loud and clear: it was lovely and delightful. Yes, I used those adjectives willingly, and I am not ashamed.

I see nothing wrong with people celebrating love. If you have ever been in love or are in love right now, then you know how all consuming the passion is. You know the dizziness, the butterflies, the joy. You know how love makes you crazy and gives you strength. Like the Frog who fell in love with the Duck*, you know that love crosses all divides of race and religion. You know it is worth celebrating, and if you had as much money as the British royal family, you would spend it without a second thought to tell the world how magnificent and wonderful love is, especially your love.

Given a choice, I would not have watched the wedding instead of the football last night. However, I was happy the match was delayed so that I could see William and Kate in love and getting married because it made me feel good. I pray their love and happiness never ends.

* Frog in Love, by Max Velthuijs, Anderson Press (1989)

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