Friday, April 22, 2011

Fighting Losing Battles

Sometimes you can try your hardest to do something but it won't be good enough to achieve success. Sometimes you can play as well as you possibly can, but it won't be good enough to avoid defeat. We may fight with everything we have, with strength, bravery, skill and doggedness, but sometimes everything is not enough. Nobody wins every battle they fight. There are some wars which simply cannot be won, and some enemies which cannot be defeated. There are times when we need someone else to fight for us.

This brings us to the common theme of Easter and Anzac Day: sacrifice. Our soldiers fight our battles for us and many of them lose their lives. In the great wars of the past many have died to save others. Our troops are still dying as they fight unwinnable wars. Without wishing to cause offence though, I believe Easter is of greater importance because of the nature of the enemy, and the totality of the victory.

We are fighting a losing battle against ourselves, our selfishness, our pride, our greed, and our brokenness. Death is the certain outcome of this war and the casualties are mounting. Look around you, listen to people's stories, learn of the pain and suffering which defines our lives. We do not have the resources to win this fight. We are far too weak. We need some else to fight for us.

Jesus Christ sacrificed himself so that those who believe in him could have their sins forgiven, and be healed of their pain. He was broken so that we could be fixed. Three days later, he rose from the grave having defeated the ultimate enemy, death itself, and in doing so he made true, meaningful and eternal life possible.

If you are tired of battling alone, struggling through one war after another. If you are on the verge of surrendering because of exhaustion and hopelessness, hear the words of your saviour, Jesus Christ: "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."

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