Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Bleeding Obvious

I recently heard an astounding piece of information on the radio news. The Commissioner for Children, yes we have one of these, announced the results of a survey about what children like to do after school. They like watching TV, playing outside, riding their bikes or skateboards, and any number of other activities. Uh-huh. You will never guess what came next. According to the poll, children don't like doing homework. I'll wait while you pick yourself up off the floor. We taxpayers paid for a survey to tell us that children don't like doing homework. Sadly, this ridiculous example of social research and its crazy recommendation that "educators should do something about it," is not a one off.

There was a ripper not so long ago which stated that Australians are getting fatter, and the reason is because we are eating more and exercising less. Really?

I am a writer. One of hundreds of millions of writers in the world who are all competing for readers. Only a handful of the very talented people in the world actually earn a living from their talent. If I ask a person I don't know, to buy my book, my chances are slim. If someone that person knows, recommends my book to them, then they are more likely to buy it. If numerous people recommend the book, then there is an even greater chance. If it's bad it won't be recommended. All this is simply stating the bleeding obvious.

You know what else is bleedingly obvious? The existence of God. Nothing will change vis a vis children and homework. Nor with people and health. I won't stop trying to "make it" as an author despite the faint hope of success, and people will continue to ignore the reality of God in favour of whatever fantasy they wish to place their hopes in. We are all insane. Welcome to the asylum. Don't be afraid. We're all friends here.