Saturday, March 23, 2013

Joining the Dots

It's a very simple, straighforward activity. You draw a line from the number one to the number two, and then to the number three and so on until you have completed the outline of the mystery shape.When you have joined all the dots in a logical procession, you can answer the question, what is it?

Five days from now the Easter holiday begins. Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday celebrates his resurrection. There is no more holy and significant event for Christians. The historical events of the first Easter continue to have a profound impact on people all over the world. Yet there are many who despite their knowledge of why we celebrate Easter, choose to ignore Jesus Christ, and diligently avoid talking about him or exposing themselves to anything which might actually prove to be good for them, like going to church for example.

Let's join the dots. We need help. God sent help in the form of his son, Jesus Christ. Our biggest problem is sin. Jesus died in order to deal with that problem. Jesus resurrection proves that he is God, and that we can live, both now and always, in the power and grace of God.

Christianity is a force for good in the world. Historically: the advent of public schooling, the establishment of orphanages and hospitals, the abolition of slavery, breakthroughs in science by Christians, the concept of human rights, and equality for women, are directly attributable to the actions of Christians. The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, World Vision, most aged care facilities, foster care, and youth and women's refuges, and countless other acts of charity and generosity all testify to the power of forgiveness and mercy which are central to Christianity.

And yet, there are many who want to ignore or downplay these facts. They will enjoy the long weekend and exchange gifts of chocolate but they will not acknowledge Christ, and I think it is because they are either afraid, blind or just too damn proud. To walk out from the darkness means exposing oneself to the light. To do so will radically change your life. Jesus is the light of the world. All glory and thanks to Him, God in the flesh, who died and rose again, that we may all have our sins forgiven and live in true freedom.