Friday, March 17, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things: Doors

We, meaning the company I work for, are about to move to new premises. This move has been about to happen since I started working with them last August. We are now on our third 'firm' move date. The delays have been due to red tape - what a surprise. As an example of the ridiculous fiefdoms being operated by certifiers, the whole front counter had to be moved 30cm in order to improve airflow. Speaking of air, the most recent postponement was caused by another certifier saying the air-conditioning system was not acceptable. It is currently being totally overhauled.

Despite the delays, I am excited about the move. Our boss took us all in to inspect the new place last week, and even though it's rough, and one of the classrooms is only two thirds painted for some reason, it will be a great improvement on what we have now. One of the reasons why it will be better is because there are doors.

Our current premises is two commercial units side by side without internal access. There are three spaces (not rooms) designated as classrooms, plus two other rooms (because they have doors) which are sometimes used for small classes.

Let's be clear, the two main classrooms are open, one to the office and adjacent to the photocopier, the other open to through traffic from one other space (no door) and one other room (door). If I haven't painted a clear enough picture of how unsuitable and inadequate the current arrangements are, then just let me say this: the current arrangements are unsuitable and inadequate.

During the week, I had a couple of small classes so I held them in my office which is a room (because it has a door). At one point there was a lot of noise coming from another space, or maybe a room with the door open, so guess what I did? I shut the door.

Being able to close the door and block most of the noise made me so excited, I interrupted my students and gave them a mini speech about the greatness of doors. I am so thankful for doors.

By the way, the new premises has five good-sized classrooms with doors. (Big smile)


  1. No doors?! Well I sure hope you make the move to the new premises this time and the certifiers are satisfied. Good luck and have a great weekend!

    1. Doors are so taken for granted these days. People just don't give them the love and thanks they deserve.

  2. May you enjoy the peace doors provide soon!

    1. and may the Lord make his face to shine upon you...sounds like it could be part of a blessing, doesn't it? Thanks Tonja.