Friday, November 11, 2016

Celebrate the small things: Life's little pleasures

I work late on Fridays because I have so much marking to do, and I also need to prepare for the following week's class. When I finish work, I head into town for my Friday grocery shop, and I return via the bottle shop, here in Parap, where I purchase my reward.

Life is full of little pleasures, little treats: a rest, a break, a reward. I am not even close to being a workaholic. Work has never been my priority. I enjoy work, and I am not lazy, but I work to live, not vice-verca. The beer and the nuts reward is just one of the many ways I chill in order to keep as calm and relaxed as possible. 

Chilled is not my normative state. I'm inclined to be a worrier, and a stress head, but as I sipped my Boag's draught from the beer stein my son bought for me when he was in Germany, and chewed on those crunchy, salty nuts, I was thinking about nothing except the pleasure those things were giving me.


  1. Your once-a-week reward sounds delightful! Since you go to the gym, you can afford it. I have a tendency to reward myself too. Sadly, I'm not a gym member and only go out a few times a week to walk for an hour or so. Enjoy your beer from the German stein & have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks Lexa. I think its necessary to self reward, so I'm glad you do it too.

  2. Does anyone remember the Nobby's nuts ad that called them Neer Buts and Palted Seanuts? I loved that ad.

  3. No, but I do remember the slightly cheeky slogan 'nibble Nobby's nuts'

  4. That looks like a wonderful, small break. It's better not to be a work-aholic anyway ;)

  5. Exactly. work to live, not live to work.