Friday, September 30, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things: Hug Deprivation Syndrome

I love Family Feud because it's funny and it makes you think. It's really great entertainment in my opinion. Anyway, I was watching last week and the question was - this was during fast money at the end of the show where the winning family tries to score 200 points in order to win $10000 - the questions was: what's something you do to show you love someone?

The first guy said buy them flowers, and the second guy said buy them chocolates, but neither of those answers scored more than 20. My quick answer was hug them, and surprise! surprise! (thanks Gomer) hug them was the top answer followed by kiss them.

Although there is much which could be said about this, I simply want to say that I like hugging, but I did not know how much I liked hugging until I moved to Darwin. One of the things I miss most is physical touch. I've shaken lots of hands because I'm often meeting new people, but I haven't hugged anyone or kissed them. Nearly two months without a hug!

Today I am giving thanks, in advance, for all of the virtual hugs that people are going to send me as a result of my sad story about HDS: Hug Deprivation Syndrome (of course it's a real condition). I'm also thankful that I only have to wait 13 more days until I can actually hold someone I love in my arms. I might not want to let her go.


  1. I'm so sorry that your fiancee is away from you for so long. You two need to fix that problem and get rid of HDS! I hope the 13 days passes quickly. :)

  2. As we say in Australia: "She'll be right mate." (meaning it will be okay). Thanks Lexa. I guess I'll just have to hug myself in the meantime.

  3. Being away from someone you love is hard. And I'm not surprised Hug Deprivation Syndrome is a thing. Only a few more days until that will be a thing of the past. Hang in there!