Thursday, February 11, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things: A stone for my head

Despite my best intentions to avoid the almost irresistible lure of the bright lights of materialism, I do occasionally fall victim to its polished seduction. When I saw the Miracle Blade advertised in an infomercial, I was gone: compelled to call and place my order before the full spiel had been delivered.

It has proven to be a good buy: a very high performing knife of which I am proud, but lately a new concern has arisen courtesy of more advertising. This time it was a radio ad which I heard on the way to work, and this time, unlike the aforementioned purchase of a fancy cutting tool, the need came before the ad. That is, I already knew I had a problem and one which needed urgent attention, before this radio commercial grabbed me by the ears and confirmed my desperate need for a new pillow.

The situation, it turns out, is even more desperate and dire than I imagined. My health is in jeopardy if I do not find the exact right pillow for me, and purchase it quick sticks.

Once a item of luxury, fashioned from stone, to keep royal heads off the ground and help prevent the unwelcome invasion of bugs into facial orifices, the pillow is now an everyday item of necessity for most of us who live in the padded extravaganza of relative affluence.

I have never, at least as far back as my memory reaches, been entirely satisfied with my pillow. I have accepted mediocrity, and what a price I have paid for my indolence with regards this vital piece of slumbering equipment. Now that I know, thanks to the radio ad for a major department store which I heard and received as gospel, I will be diligent in the pursuit of the perfect pillow. 

I am grateful that I have a selection of pillows at home, but the small and fluffy bedtime companion we all need, needs to be just right for me.Wish me luck in my search, and do share a little about your pillow. Are you satisfied?

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  1. Congrats on the knife. . .a good knife is a rare and valuable thing. Not to be underestimated. As to pillows, mine get kneaded and bent and squished to no end. And I love them that way. Good luck on your hunt!

  2. A stone pillow?! I guess the old days weren't much fun even if you were a king! Yay for the knife and good luck finding the perfect pillow!

    (Thanks so much for getting and reviewing Soul Cutter! It was a nice surprise for me!)

  3. a good pillow makes all the difference