Friday, January 8, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things: Capricorn Moon

Alas, I must return to work on Monday after a three week break, and so it is with some disappointment that I report on the non cooperation of the weather with my holiday plans.

We went to Auckland for New Year's Eve, and spent a couple of days there the rain. Yes, it rained the whole time. On our return home we found the weather had followed us, so we had three more days without the sun. Keep in mind, it is summer Down Under and yours truly likes to hit the beach daily during his Christmas/New Year vacation.

On Friday the sun came out, so I headed for the beach, but it was closed due to dangerous conditions. Sure the sun was shining and a light breeze was blowing. It would have been perfect except for the fact the lifeguards had put up the no swimming sign. Undeterred...okay I was slightly deterred, I traveled further south to another beach. Imagine my joy when, upon arrival I found the same beach closed sign.

I stood and pondered the awful cruelties of life, and while I was feeling sorry for myself, the lifeguards zoomed out across the beach in their little sand buggy, and erected those beautiful red and yellow flags which declare to all that the surf is ready to receive swimmers. On my way in to the crisp rolling waves, I thanked the lifeguard for opening the beach just for me.

2016 looms large as a potentially great year for my career according to the Chinese horoscope, or so my partner assures me. Across the Margin published my short story Capricorn Moon on January 6, so I'm off to a good start. Lovesick is resting, waiting for the first round of revisions, and I have commenced my next project which is a supernatural thriller. As for going back to work on Monday...I can hardly wait. I love my job!

May 2016 be an outstandingly successful one for you, both personally and professionally. Do you have any particular goals or plans?


  1. Linking through Celebrate - sorry to hear that even in Australia the weather cannot be trusted (as you can imagine here in the UK just having three days of warm sunny weather in the middle of July is a bit of a miracle!!). it was great to be able to read your work for the first time - and well done for having something published in the first week of January you have got off to a great start :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  2. Big congrats on your short story! Sorry to hear about all of the rain. That is a bummer. But at least you have that one sunny moment...and will probably never forget it. Good luck at work this week!