Monday, March 23, 2015

A-Z Challenge 2015 theme reveal

The A-Z of what's wrong with me? (that neat little rhyme doesn't even work in Australia because we say 'zed' not 'zee') On the Switchfoot album Hello Hurricane, they have a track called Mess of Me. Thinking of this song tempts me greatly, in light of very recent events, to really have a crack at the A-Z of what's wrong with me. For sure I have at least 26 faults, probably more depending on who you talk to.

However, I am going to go with my original idea which was based on the first book I ever wrote: a collection of essays titled What's Your Problem? In it, I basically had a very well organized and eloquent whinge about a nice collection of annoyances in my life. It was meant to be humourous, and it contained a stunning array of fascinating trivia. It was never published because the handful of publishers I sent it to, quote 'did not get it'. Whatever.

So that's what I am going to be blogging about in April. Things that bother me, like being made to sit upright and ride backwards in an ambulance to the hospital, when I was already feeling really sick.

I hope I hit 26 winners, and connect with all my readers. I hope everyone 'gets it.' There will be many who won't and that's okay because many people do not get me. That's why I named my blog, Square Pegs.
Please join me.


  1. Definitely sounds funny, David. I think this will be worth coming back to check. See in the A-Z!

  2. Thanks Sharon. I'm looking forward to reading your collection of clever, inventive women.