Thursday, February 12, 2015


Work is under way on the cover and layout for my novel Devolution which Dream House will deliver into the heart of the huge Indian market. Novel number four, A Muddy Red River will be published by Rogue Phoenix Press, and my W.I.P, Lovesick is now 32 chapters strong (albeit first draft).

At the 28 chapter mark, I reached a crossroads with Lovesick, and felt that the story was running out of steam. I had to pause and wait for some inspiration. The first spark came while I was out on my early morning road run. The second, in the bathroom several days later. I am surprised that I did not think of these major plot developments and structural deviations earlier, but that is the craft of writing: sometimes you know where you are going, and sometimes you get lost and have to wait until the rescue party appears.

A novel is a living thing, infused with life by the imagination and skill of the author who finds strength in the support and encouragement of other writers, and friends and family. A writing friend gave me some good advice recently which I initially rejected out of pride. I have since contemplated her words and allowed them to permeate my thinking.

The advice was to think less about sales and more about writing. Thanks Rebecca.Rebecca's website 

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