Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Police

““Mr. Valentine next door has lodged a complaint against you,” said the female officer.

David thought he was already white. Apparently there were different shades. As he stood in stunned silence, the cute police officer stepped closer and took his arm.

“Please sit down, Mr. Lavender. Before you fall down.””

- Loathe Your Neighbor ch. 5

Police are often called in to settle domestic disturbances, either between family members or neighbours. Alcohol is usually involved, and danger is ever present. I recall the story from last year in which a police officer was shot through the head with an arrow while attending a dispute between neighbors. He died as a result of his injuries. Those of us who live relatively trouble free lives tend to take the police for granted. We only talk about them in relation to the sneaky speed traps they set up on highways. We are aware of crime and although we may know victims of crime, it is rare that we ourselves are victims. That kind of thing always happens to someone else. There was a shooting recently in western Sydney which the victim’s boyfriend, who brought her to the hospital, alleged was random. I thought it was interesting that the police spokesman said that random shootings almost never happen. I only know one person who owns a gun. Anyway, I digress. I like seeing the police walking around. I like seeing them driving around. I like knowing they are there and that the reason they are there is to keep the peace. To protect us, and to get the bad guys. I feel safe and that’s because we are a lawful society and we have a strong agency of government to enforce the law. We must remember that the police themselves are also subject to the law. This means that can’t just do anything they want. Accountability is attached to their authority. That also makes me feel safe. In Loathe Your Neighbor, David Lavender brought trouble on himself. When the police came knocking on his door it was because his conduct had arrested their attention. Has your behaviour ever excited the interest of the police?


  1. Both my brothers are retired cops, so I'd have to answer this one yes. I also used to coordinate events for a municipality in Washington State. Event permits were always issued in conjunction with a police liaison, with whom I worked closely.

    Bet you were really asking if we'd ever done anything "wrong" to attract the attention of the police, weren't you? Dodged that bullet!

    VR Barkowski

    1. Your brothers would be handy for research: police procedures etc. I'm glad to hear that you stayed out of trouble.

  2. Hi. I tend to agree the police get a bad rap...when in fact we really do need them around. In some cities they ride bicycles--always liked that--makes them seem friendlier. (never had a bad encounter with one myself)

  3. They ride bikes in some parts of Sydney. I agree. I like seeing them around.