Sunday, January 13, 2013

Loathe Your Neighbour giveaway

For one week only I am giving away digital copies of my new novel, Loathe Your Neighbour. You will need a coupon for Smashwords. Here's how you get one.

Like Loathe you Neighbour on Facebook  and get 5 friends to like it as well. Send me an e-mail telling me all about it at  and I'll send you a coupon. Too easy. But wait there's more.

I have a brand new e-book reader/multimedia player worth $120 to give to the person who brings me the most sales of Loathe Your Neighbour . You have one month to help me out by recommending, sharing, tweeting or however else you do it. Knock yourself out. It's for a good cause. No need for hard selling because Loathe Your Neighbour will sell itself.