Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Faded Dreams

The latest work from the pen of my niece:

Faded Dreams by Amber Gilfillan

Hi, my name is April. I'm 12 years old. My dreams are the most magical things that happen to me. I'm also a chatterbox but don't worry, I'll keep quiet. Shhh...I'm going to start the story of how all the dreams changed. One night when everyone was asleep, I was having a wonderful dream until it turned into a nightmare.

I scream, then suddenly wake up. 'Okay, calm down April,' I say to myself. 

The next morning, I walk up to the mayor and say, 'Mayor, did you have a nightmare last night?'

'Yes,' he bellows.

I think for a minute. 'Yes, I've got it!' I scream. I tell the mayor, I'm going outside town and he says okay. I set off to find the lost dreams.

Soon, I reach a castle. 'What? Stick people holding swords?' I whisper. I start to get closer and closer until I am right in front of them. I jump over them and find myself in front of a gigantic door. I go inside. Next thing I know, I'm in front of the king. I tell him to stop taking my town's dreams.'

'No,' he shouts.

'Okay, I'll just tell everyone your real name. Fred Foffof,' I tease.

'No,' he screams. 

'Fine, but you have to give all the sweet dreams back,' I say, and he agrees.

Then I went home. I also got a medal and a crown for finding the town's lost dreams.