Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Support of People Swapping

I know he is the Opposition Spokesman for Immigration but could somebody please shut Scott Morrison up. Him and his boss, the chronically disagreeable and compulsively anti everything, Tony Abbott, are barking up the wrong tree with their back to the future solution to the problem of the marauding hordes of asylum seekers who are invading our shores.

The government said no to using Nauru again as a processing centre but Tony Abbott went there anyway. Screaming Scott is off to Malaysia soon to find fellow oppositionists, co conspirators against a common sense approach to reality. Of course he will find many of like mind, with respect to the yet to be signed agreement between Malaysia and Australia for a people swap. There are many here who oppose the idea. The parliament is split which accurately reflects public opinion.

Despite all the whining from alleged humanitarians, the Australian government seems determined to push on with the arrangement, and the official word from Malaysia is also positive. I say, good on the government. The stupid and ubiquitous polls tell a tale of woe for the Prime Minister but she remains dogged. Hoo - bloody - ray! John Howard did not let even worse numbers in the polls deter him from introducing the GST, and that's exactly what I want from my leaders. Not populism. Leadership.

The message to people smugglers and the desperate unfortunates they are trying to "help" is that if you make it to Australia, and think you've made it to the front of the queue, think again. Here's a one way ticket to Malaysia where they use canes for discipline in their gaols, sorry, detention centres, and by the way you'll probably never reach Australia.

Here's a few alternatives to the government's people swapping policy. Locate the asylum seekers in their rickety boats and murder them. Sink the boats and let them drown, or shoot them all and then sink the boat. Or let the boats reach our shores and then kill the queue jumpers. Maybe we could, let them come, and lock them up for the term of their natural lives. After all, Australia was founded as a penal colony. How about this one? Let them come, provide with them with truck loads of cash and let them disappear into their ethnic communities.

This is the one I like the most: send them to the back of the queue in Malaysia, and allow, in exchange, 4000 genuine refugees, who have already been processed, to migrate to Australia. Then watch them make a wonderful contribution to our society as have 99.9% of all the refugees and migrants who have come before them.

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