Friday, June 10, 2011

The Cows Win

I'm disappointed with the government's decision to suspend live cattle exports to Indonesia. I think they are weak for caving in to whining vegetarians and animalarians (I invented that word) who have more compassion for dumb animals than human beings.

With no thought for the impact on Australian families whose livelihoods have been stripped away with a stroke of an overly-sensitive-to-public-opinion bureaucratic pen, the Federal government has made yet another mistake. What about a phasing out of trade with Indonesia if they cannot improve the treatment of cattle in their slaughterhouses? What about allowing time for a shift to more humane slaughter methods? What about insisting that some of the aid money we send to Indonesia be used to buy stun guns for their abottoirs, and education programs on how to use them? What about some common sense?

What about people? What about compensation for businesses and families affected by this knee jerk reaction? The Prime Minister says they'll continue to consult the industry. How impressive. More consultation. What about Indonesian families who will be forced to pay higher prices for meat due to the sudden drop in supply? Who cares right? As long as those four legged factories are looked after, and the government doesn't have to put up with protests from bleeding heart animal lovers.

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