Saturday, August 9, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

I'm not a comic book fan. I know a number of the various characters and superheroes which exist in the Marvel and DC Comics universes, especially those of course who have made it to the silver screen. However, when looking for a film to go and see last night, I came across Guardians of the Galaxy and thought how stupid it looked. I'm a sci fan but it looked like just another special effects extravaganza with a flimsy plot and cheesey try hard dialogue.

One lesson I have learned is that, although I'm generally a high expectations kind of guy, sometimes low expectations can be a good starting point. We were considering Hercules and Lucy but my son seemed keen on seeing Guardians so I thought I'd take a shot. At best I was hoping for some light entertainment with countless explosions, spaceships and cool looking aliens. I mean if that's all it was then my money would have been well spent.

With my daughter drip feeding me her M & Ms in the stifling heat of the cinema, and my son following instructions to suppress his newly burgeoning cough, the good times rolled, and I laughed and thrilled, and was captivated for almost the full two hour run time. Guardians of the Galaxy was really very funny and clever. It delivered exactly what I expected in terms of content, but so much more in terms of style and wit. A sequel is on its way, and I for one, will be lining up for a ticket to see it.

When have your expectations of a film been exceeded?

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