Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Pleasing Dilemma

Square Pegs will from now on feature much more regular updates. I plan to post new content every day, but apart from the usual big Sunday post, the entries will be small. As a writer, much of my life is consumed with writing related activities. Most, though not all of my daily updates will be writing related. I will essentially write about whatever I want to because it's my blog.

I have received a contract offer with a traditional small press publisher. I have also received five offers from subsidy publishers. My manuscript, A Muddy Red River, will be my fourth published novel. I am still unknown and have not been able to break through yet, despite my best efforts. The attraction of the subsidy, or joint venture publishers, is the increased exposure through marketing and various listings. The downside is the risk. I may lose money for no discernible benefit in terms of exposure.

Any thoughts on which way I should go?

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