Saturday, January 25, 2014

Birds of Pray

Rock band, Live released their 6th studio album in 2003. Called Birds of Pray, and featuring the hit single Heaven, it remains one of my favorite rock albums of all time.

With such clearly spiritual themes, I have wondered, and still do, about where exactly this band is on the faith spectrum. I'm very much a lyrics focused listener. The music is one thing but the deeper meaning of the words has always aroused my interest. Many artists have important things to say about themselves and the world around them. By reflecting and exploring issues and themes, they have the gift of being able to provide revelation and inspiration to others through their songs.

Live's song Heaven, is a stirring statement of faith which strikes exactly the right chord with me.

I don't need no one, to tell me 'bout Heaven.
I look at my daughter and I believe.
I don't need no proof,
when it comes to God and truth,
I can see the sunset.

People often talk about good things or experiences as being 'heaven on earth', or 'heavenly', and bad ones as 'hell on earth' or 'hellish' without really believing that either place actually exists. Earth is real while heaven and hell are fantasy places, invented by various religions to provide incentives to piety.

Earth is a mixture of heaven and hell. People who believe that this life is as good as it gets, are, in my opinion, deluded. I agree that there are wonderful things on earth, but there are some truly evil, horrible things as well. Things which make us despair and long for a better place.

Evidence is required for many to believe in Heaven, and it is true to say that  many who say they believe, make liars of themselves by their actions. What proof is needed? And what proof will be acceptable when the weight of evidence already before us is overwhelming? 

The second part of the the above chorus alludes to Paul's statement in the book of Romans, in the Bible. Creation itself continually testifies to the glory of God. I can see it everywhere, and my soul wants more; it cries out for an end to suffering, it yearns for peace.

The conception, birth and development of my children has always filled me with wonder and gratitude. Even now, as older teenagers, their lives still sing an amazing song about the beauty and glory of Heaven. I don't need any more proof. I look at my daughter and my son, and I can see the sunset...and I believe. Do you?

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