Saturday, July 20, 2013

Magical Band-Aids

A child's first choice for the treatment of a minor injury, even if there is no bleeding, is often a Band-aid. Especially effective are ones with cartoon characters on them. These plastic strips don't have magical powers. Although they can assist the healing process by preventing infection, they can't take away the pain or heal the wound. But children think they can.

The world's first choice answer to most of the problems confronting it today? Band-aids. The two most popular Band-aids are education and legislation. Like plastic strips, these two can do some good, but neither of them is a panacea. If increased knowledge and awareness was the solution to all our problems on the road for example, then nobody would speed, or drive drunk. If education was the answer to society's addictions then nobody would abuse alcohol, use illicit drugs or smoke cigarettes.

We make laws, or increase the punishments for breaking existing laws to deter wrongdoing, and to protect people, but are we living in a peaceful and crime free society?

What education and legislation, with their lofty 'save the world' ambition, fail to recognize is the root cause of all problems. People chose and always have done, to do wrong regardless of what they know to be right, and regardless of any law prohibiting it. Society is terminally ill with the cancer of sin. Trying to educate or legislate sin out of people is like applying Band-aids to broken limbs. It is a mark of immaturity that we place so much faith in Band-aids.

I believe that only Jesus Christ can ultimately and truly heal society's disease. Our broken hearts need His love, forgiveness and grace.

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  1. I agree about legislation and education, but I think of it more as an issue of personal responsibility—how can you understand sin and guilt if you're not taught to be responsible for your actions? We teach our children that it's not their fault. It's A.D.D., it's their parents' divorce, their "bad influence" friends, their lousy education, their low socioeconomic status. We are raising a generation, force-feeding them sociopathy because we don't want them to feel bad about themselves, even when they do bad, for fear of scarring them for life. Well you know what? They should feel bad. They should feel responsible. They should be scarred. That's what a conscience is.

    VR Barkowski

  2. In total agreement with you message that Christ is the answer, but it is a difficult message to convey. VR really hits on the problem. So many in society blame others for their circumstances and fail to see that they are the problem and that true changes begins within. We have become too anesthetized to pain, violence.....and sin.