Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Most Persecuted Woman in Australia

Julia Gillard 2010.jpgSadly the level of politcal debate in Australia, and the quality of politicians and media represenatives involved in that debate hit an all time low this week. The lack of respect shown for the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has been appalling. From having her body parts described in a derogatory fashion as items on a menu for a Liberal party function, to being asked if her partner was gay because they aren't married and he's a hairdresser, Julia Gillard has been treated disgracefully. Where is the respect for the leader of our nation?

Unfortunately her whole time in office has been marred by personal attacks on her: trivial comments about her appearance, and vicious, unreasonable assaults on her integrity. Why has it been so intense? Because she is a woman. The media and opposition party led campaign against her has gone into overdrive, machine gunning her credibility. Barring the largest political election day miracle in history, her government will be defeated on September 14.

The media drives the policy agendas of both the government and the opposition, and our politicans pander to their media masters. Policy discussion is characterised by personal attacks, hollow slogans and myopic superficiality. We are suffering from a lack of leadership and a lack of ideas. Or so it appears according to the media reports we hear and read. Our response is disrespect, but when we disrespect others, we disrespect ourselves. The current pathetic state of politics in Australia is our fault as well.

The things people say publicly about our Prime Minister represent an abuse of political freedom. I know it's a colonial thing. Since Governor Arthur Philip first raised the flag in 1788 we've been rebelling against authority. If this week has proved anything to me it is that many Australians are simply dumb convicts who wear their prejudice and ignorance as badges of honour.

How do you feel about personal attacks on the democratically elected leader of your country?

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  1. Another provocative post. It fascinates me the media's reaction to your female PM is as disrespectful and petty as the media reaction to the US President. He receives no credit for what he's accomplished: a better economy, more jobs, recovery of the housing market, but instead takes the heat for the previous administration's "mistakes." When I think of what the man could accomplish if the media would stop worrying about his color and start exposing the politics of the other party, whose adherents continually block every piece of progressive legislation sponsored by the President—regardless of the welfare of the American people—I get so angry I want to scream. Unfortunately, the US is no longer either a democracy or a republic. We are run by political action committees, and until folks face the reality, nothing can or will change.

    VR Barkowski