Saturday, August 4, 2012

F#@k Your Family

Family stickers are quite popular nowadays. They adorn the rear windows of cars and proudly describe the  composition of the family who presumably rides around in that particular vehicle. The idea is that you find a stick figure sticker that represents a member of your family and stick it on your car window. Add another, different one, for each of your family members until you complete the portrait. It's harmless fun. Some sour doomboosters don't like them for some pathetic reason, but by and large they are inoffensive and they make people smile.        

They aren't like some bumper stickers which are clearly designed to cause offense in their puerile and unambiguously ignorant attempts at humour. Seriously, I read some people's stickers and shake my head as I wonder why they would want to say such things about themselves and other people. Family stickers are nice and wholesome so you can imagine how shocked I was when I saw a sticker which attacked family stickers. Let me describe it. Four stick figure family members with hangman's nooses around their necks and the words F#@k Your Family.

The person who owns that car and put that sticker on the rear window appears not to like family stickers. Was it necessary to go the extreme of depicting them being hanged and to use an expletive? This person probably thinks it's funny. They probably hang out with  people who think it's a funny sticker. They'd probably tell me to f@#k off and mind my own business if I said anything. They'd probably tell me that I had no sense of humour.

The knowledge that there is one single person who finds it amusing to suggest hanging people because they don't like family stickers makes me despair for humanity. I know that, although this person lacks the sensitivity to keep their opinions private or at least publicly respectable, there are many who think the same way. It's a worry.

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