Friday, July 13, 2012

The Captain of the World

It is truly a grand title but to whom does it refer? Armed forces have captains but they are not top ranking officers-more like middle management. Sports teams have captains but even at the highest level, they cannot claim to represent the world. We have captains of industry but only a handful of them would be arrogant enough to presume global rule. Captain is a title for a leader, but heads-of-state around the world are referred to as Prime Ministers, Presidents, or kings and queens, not captains, and regardless of the title ascribed to them, there is not a single person who rules over the whole world. There may have been rulers of the world in the past, and perhaps, even today, there are leaders who act like they are, or at least like they want to be, Captain of the World, but we have another word for such megalomaniacal leaders: dictators.

There is a ship sailing the seven seas which is in fact the world's largest privately owned residential yacht. Boasting 165 luxury residences it circumnavigates the globe every two to three years following an itinerary chosen by the residents. This select group of very wealthy travellers choose to either reside permanently or occasionally on this floating city of opulence, enjoying ever changing 
water views through the windows of salubrious multi-million dollar  apartments. The captain of this ship is a Norweigan, and the name of this ship is The World. Have a closer look at it here.

There are many titles and epithets attached to God, but Captain is not one of them. Perhaps it is too small a title, or too low a rank for the one who created all the leaders of the world, all the captains of sports teams and armies, both past and present, and all their followers, even the Captain of the World. What title would you give, what title should you give to the One you brings life to all and sustains all by the power of his Word? What do you call such an awesome being?

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