Friday, April 6, 2012

It Makes Sense to Me

Infomercials can be compelling, almost addictive viewing. Even when all you want as a result of your channel surfing, is to find something interesting to watch for an hour while you exercise on the cross trainer.

The movie I was watching finished, after my hour long run, and on came this advertorial about the Omni DualSaw. This product was so good, boasted the voiceover guy, that it required two top TV salesman to sing its praises. Ignoring the somewhat counter intuitive nature of this opening statement, I looked on as two friendly neigbourhood, tradesman like, salesmen walked on to the set in the middle of a very clean workshop-so clean in fact you could have been forgiven for thinking it was built especially for the ad-and began to spruik the unbelievable benefits of this revolutionary saw.

After three minutes I had decided I wanted one. After fifteen minutes I was still watching in wonder, dreaming of how I could use this awesome tool, and waiting anxiously to learn the price.

The infomercial tapped into a desire that I have, and have had for many many years. It spoke to me as though I was the only person to whom the company hoped to sell it. It talked my language. It presented expert witnesses, professional and amateur users. It performed almost magical demonstrations right before my eyes. I saw, and I believed.

I don't have any money to spend on a fancy saw, but it was easy to imagine hundreds, even thousands of people around the country, or around the world, dialing the number on the screen and giving over their personal details including credit card numbers in order to own one of these amazing saws.

If I told you what Jesus could do to change your life. If I brought forward expert eyewitnesses to testify, and if I demonstrated the power of God in front of your eyes, would you be convinced that you had to have Jesus in your life? Would you dial the number on the screen and pay whatever it cost to have the life transforming, sin forgiving, broken heart healing power of the resurrected Son of God? It makes sense to me. It always makes sense to me, but it is especially poignant at Easter.

I needed to be saved and forgiven, and Jesus has done that for me by dying on the cross. I needed hope, and power to life a right life, and Jesus gave them to me through his Resurrection. At Easter, I say thank you because it makes sense to me.

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