Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Nightmare Draws Closer

I'll say it up front. My worst political nightmare is Tony Abbott becoming Prime Minster of Australia. The current Prime Minister, and the man she replaced in a backstabbing party room coup,former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, will go head to head tomorrow in a leadership ballot which will determine whether Ms Gillard continues to lead the party and thus the nation, or whether K Rudd 2012 resumes control of the good ship Terra Australis.

Since the infamous betrayal of Kevin Rudd which was supposed to save the Labour Party and restore the confidence of the people in the federal government, the Australian Labour Party has continued to disappoint everyone but themselves, and their most ardent and severely vision impaired supporters. They have made the act of shooting oneself in the foot, an artform, and in the process delivered a wealth of material for the ultra negative, twister of truth, policy vacuum, leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott. He has been lapping it up and spitting it back in the government's face.

Julia Gillard is now less popular than Kevin Rudd was when his party dumped him as a leader. If you believe the annoyingly frequent polls, K Rudd 2012 has the backing of the people as preferred Prime Minister. If the polls are all that matter, and our politicians are merely populists then we are to be pitied. If we have an incompetent government, and a potentially worse alternative government waiting in the wings, then who can we blame but ourselves.

I expect so much more than I get from our political leaders.

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