Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bonobo Bonkers

Bonobos are a little known species of ape whose communities are ruled by bi-sexual females. They live on the south bank of the Congo River in Africa where, unlike gorillas and chimpanzees, they don't wage deadly wars over territory. They do have fights but these are often settled by quick aggressive sexual encounters.

The existence of the fascinating Bonobo ape was revealed to me when I listened to the AM program on ABC radio ( As with all little known species, the Bonobo are endangered. Much like the whales which beached themselves in Spirits Bay, New Zealand last Wednesday, the Bonobos, fortunately for them, have human champions who are willing to do whatever they can to save them. Sally Coxe is dedicated to the preservation of the Bonobo apes, and she believes that they can teach people some lessons in humanity. Presumably she's not suggesting we have wild sex with everyone who we disagree with. Says Eric Campbell on AM, "Some scientists believe the Bonobo's behaviour can explain a lot about our own. When resources are plentiful, people tend to be caring and sharing. Scarcity of resources tends to bring out our inner chimp."

These words are humanistic nonsense. People know how to cooperate and share resources, they just don't always choose to do it. The inner chimp reference is of course a reference to our alleged common ancestry. The inner chimp is a myth created by God haters who want animals to have the same status as human beings. I get both frustrated and amused by the constant efforts of many people to categorise humans as animals. We are not animals and we did not evolve from animals. We are the high point of God's creation, fashioned in His image. The fact that we sometimes behave like animals does not make us animals.

The only lesson I learn from the Bonobo apes is that God's creation is astonishingly diverse. Why aren't apes still evolving into humans by the way?

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