Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Natural Act

I respect the right of people to chose to be in homosexual relationships. I accept that most of those relationships are no more or less committed and genuine than de-facto relationships or marriages. I believe genuine relationships should be recognized by law and the people in those relationships given rights and protections within those laws.To not do that is plainly discriminatory. However, I entirely support the governments decision not to legalize homosexual marriages.

A man called Adrian said this about the government's decision to not legalize gay marriage, 'Please don't call on nature to justify bigotry.The animal kingdom contains many instances of homosexuality.'

The animal kingdom also contains many instances of cannibalism. Should we also say that is natural and not only allow it on our society, but promote and legitimize it?

According to Heather, because we are now in the 21st century, we shouldn't be denying the basic human right of marriage. Other advocates of legalising homosexual unions talk about the fact that no religion holds a monopoly on marriage. Sally goes further to say that no religion is necessary for marriage.

Firstly, the suggestion that because we have been on earth longer means that we should be more intelligent, wiser, more compassionate, and have learned our lessons from history and done away with all prejudice is a naive denial of basic human nature.

Secondly, marriage is actually a part of religion. God invented the concept. As it is his idea and He says that it is between a man and a woman, I think we should leave it at that.

Those who want to pretend they are married: de facto couples and homosexual couples should be satisfied with a civil union. Even those hypocrites who get married in churches, by ministers, and make promises to a God they don't love , know or even believe in, should also be satisfied with civil unions. Marriage should be reserved for those who accept it as God's perfect plan for a man and a woman. The use of the word marriage by homosexual couples is another attempt to legitimize what is in fact illegitimate. The word 'gay' used to mean happy but it was subverted by homosexuals to try to normalize homosexuality. The attempted theft of the word 'marriage' is in the same category.

'Gay marriage' is an oxymoron: A contradiction in terms. Marriage is between a man and a woman united in the sight, and under the authority, of God.

The comments by Adrian, Heather and Sally in this blog were taken from comments in an article called Gay Marriage Bill Fails in the Senate on SBS World News online.

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